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Wild Camping

The term camp can be described as a temporary outdoor site for sleeping as well as eating purposes. The activity involving the setting up of a camp and staying outdoors is termed as camping. The people performing such activities are known as campers. In today's era, the practice of camping is very common and people love to spend their time away from home. The camping place may be anywhere like in a forest, near a river, on mountains etc. There are times when people go on camping but do not construct a camp or any shelter for spending their night. They usually sleep in their sleeping bags. Nowadays, various travel agencies have come forward and they organize such camping tours. There are various camping tours, wild camp being one of them. Wild camp or wildlife camping is similar to the normal camping. The only difference is that wild camping can be enjoyed in any season, whether it is winter or summer. Wildlife camping does not includes any particular adventurous activity. The adventurous activity in a wild camping depends on the place, where camp is set. For example, if the camp is set near a river, than one can go for river rafting, fishing etc. To enjoy wildlife camping there is no age limit. People of all ages can participate in these tours. Wild camping brings an individual much closer to Mother Nature. It is the ideal tour for all those, who are tired of hustle and bustle of the city life. In this tour, such people can avoid all the commotion of the city life and spend their time in peace. The chief aim of organizing such wildlife tours is to bring man closer to Mother Nature and make him understand the vast importance of it in our life. All this helps in regulating as well as enhancing the preservation process of Mother Nature. One should follow some basic tips so as to enjoy a safe and comfortable wild camp tour. Below given are some important tips that help an individual during the wild camp tour. Tips

  • One should always stay in group and never wander alone.
  • One should never go to core places, where are unprotected.
  • Never disturb any animal as it may prove to be dangerous.
  • Never throw empty bottles, polythene bags openly in the forest. Throw them in a dustbin.
  • Never cut or harm the natural vegetation of the place.
  • Never make open fires in the forest.

By following to the above given tips, one can enjoy a fully safe and comfortable wild camp tour.

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