Millennium Park

Millennium Park

  • Kolkata
  • West Bengal
  • India
  • Timings 10 00 AM - 6 30 PM
  • Time Required 1 - 2 hrs
  • Entry Fee INR 5 Per Person

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Millennium Park, Kolkata Overview

The Millennium Park, Kolkata, is a private park that is situated along Strand Road on the Hooghly Rivers eastern shore, for almost a stretch of 2.5km opposite to the Railway club and near the FairlieGhat.


The park has beautifully landscaped gardens and amusement rides for children. As Kolkata is such a busy, polluted city, the park is situated along with greenery and riverside, so that people, who visit this park, feel refreshed and also get to experience clear air. There was a beautification project started for beautifying the riverside area of the Millennium Park, Kolkata.


Park is a perfect place for having picnics and going away from the city for rejuvenating and relaxing. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Howrah Bridge from the Millennium Park, Kolkata.


Where Can You Find The Millennium Park?


The Millennium Park, Kolkata, is located on Strand Road. The park can be reached easily by taking the BBD Bagh bus from the bus or from the route of Howrah Bridge. Whoever visits Kolkata, visiting the Millennium Park, is a must — stopping over the park for experiencing a charismatic evening by the Hooghly River.

It will be easier for you to reach the park if you travel in the metro. It is much more convenient to arrive in the park. The park even has concrete pavements, which are laid so that the visitors can easily take some leisurely strolls.


When to Visit the Millennium Park?


The park remains open from morning 10 AM to evening 6:30 PM. The place is best for nature lovers, wanderers, photo fanatics and also, fun lovers. The Millennium Park, Kolkata, provides its visitors with a beautiful view and fresh air. People who live in Kolkata never get to experience fresh and clear air.

So going to visit Millennium Park will get relaxation and fresh air. The park provides its visitors with a sense of relaxation, away from the city’s hustle-bustle. Even the entry fee of the park is just five rupees per person. And people can visit the park for two to three hours.


Places to Visit around The Millennium Park-


There are many places around the Millennium Park, Kolkata, which you can visit like the Eden Gardens, Victoria Memorial, Maidan, Alipore Zoo and many more places. Once you visit the Millenium park, you can go to many other places worth visiting around the park.


Facts and trivia about the Millennium Park-


If you want to spend a relaxed and quiet evening in Kolkata, without having to spend much money, then the Millennium Park, Kolkata, is one of the best places to visit. The park runs at a stretch of 2.5 kilometers along the river Hooghly. The park was inaugurated in the year 1999, December 26th. The park has beautifully manicured grasses, designed landscapes; the park also attracts many visitors especially in the sundown hours. The park also has some sculpture which even adds up to the park’s beauty.


Even children love visiting this park, because of the different varieties of rides and many other attractions of the Park. And as it is a picture friendly park, do not miss the fantastic views. Capture all the beautiful eye-catching moments on your camera.


Why Visit The Park?


Many people visit the Millennium Park, Kolkata very often, and that us because of the excellent quality time they get to spend there in the Park with their family and friends. The park is not even pricy; instead, children who are under the age of three do not even need tickets.


People even get to experience ferry and boating in the Park. The rides in the Park are just too excellent. You can also find some great food stalls in and around the Park, which can provide you with a variety of delicious food.


The park and its surroundings are clean and there are many sitting arrangements for the visitors to relax and enjoy their time.



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