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St. John's Church - Kolkata India

A little south of BBD Bagh is the Church of St. John, which dates from 1787. The overgrown graveyard here has a number of interesting monuments, including the octagonal mausoleum of Job Charnock, founder of Calcutta, who died in 1692. Admiral Watson, who supported Clive in retaking Calcutta from Siraj-ud-daula, is also buried here. The obelisk commemorating the black hole was moved from near the GPO to a corner of this graveyard.


It was constructed between 1784 - 87, at a cost of Rs. 2 lakhs. Based on Greek architecture and designed by Lt. James Agg, the graceful Church is made entirely of stone. It is the earliest example of British masonry in India. Near the west wall is a replica of the Holwell Monument - originally erected at the site of the Black Hole of Calcutta.


Inside the church there are the famous paintings of The Last Supper by John Zoffany, a marvellous stained glass window and memorial tablets of prominent citizens through the ages.

Length : 180m
Width : 120m
Built year : 1787
Built By : Architect James Agg

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