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Today, its not just snow that can touch the top of the baronial peaks of the huge mountains but humans can do it as well. This has been possible because of the adventurous people in this world since they could not sit back and just watch the soaring hills. So, these people packed themselves and went on to capture the hills. The two adventure sports that allow one to go on the mountains and capture them are trekking & mountaineering. Trekking & mountaineering are solely made for fun and adventure loving people.

Trekking : Trekking generally refers to hiking trips which go on for a large number of days. These hiking trips are done through rural and rugged territories. People who are trekkers involve in longer trips as compared to other people. Trekkers trek through all the regions in the world, going from one place to another by using trekking as a mode. Trekking also comprises of other outdoor sport activities which include backpacking & rock climbing. The main reason that makes trekking different from other modes of travel is that trekking is less structured and planned.

Mountaineering : Mountaineering is the profession, hobby or sport of hiking, walking, climbing and trekking the mountains. In Europe it is also known as alpinism. Earlier mountaineering was just an attempt to capture the highest point of the mountains which have not been climbed before. But now it has been categorized into different specializations which address several aspects of mountains. These specializations can be specified as snow craft, skiing and rock craft depending upon the route chosen whether it is snow, ice or rock. Mountaineering is not an easy sport and it requires great technical and athletic ability. Experience is also very important in this sport.

Difference between Trekking & Mountaineering : Trekking is less technical than mountaineering but it is equally enthralling. Trekking can be done on high elevation treks as well as on leisure plain land treks. No skill or knowledge is required for trekking. Anyone who is adventurous and is blessed with good health can look forward to trekking. On the other hand, mountaineering is quite a challenging sport to the mind and spirit of a person. Mountaineering can let a person kiss the sunlight touching the peak, feel the nature brush and walk the routes treaded only by a few. Tips for Trekking & Mountaineering.

Important things for Mountaineering :

Whenever going for trekking or mountaineering always wear a very comfortable pair of shoes which are specially designed for the purpose.

One should also carry all the necessary stuff like water and some food with oneself.

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